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Product description

Indicated for My Lamination® treatment. Dye for eyelashes and eyebrows. Please refer to the My Lamination® Manual for method and timings. Apply the cream (color mixed with Color Developer) on the length of the eyelashes / eyebrows with the microbrush, 2 mm from the eyelid for 6/10 minutes and then remove with a cotton swab.


Castor oil: vegetable oil that gives volume and strength to lashes and brows, that repairs and make them grow faster.
Limnanthes alba oil: moisturising properties, gives shine and volume. Protects against UV rays and helps nutrients and other ingredients to penetrate more easily. Panthenol: provitamin B5, regenerating and soothing. Effective both to fortify and give shine and as a soother and moisturiser. Increases growth and soothes irritation
Keratin: protein that protects and strengthens. Indispensable for healthy eyelashes and eyebrows.


Strictly follow the instructions for use. The product can cause allergic reactions. Product not intended for use on persons under the age of 18. Contains Fenilendiammine. Look at the ingredients. Temporary henna tattoos can increase the risk of allergies. Do not use: in case of rash on the face or in case of sensitive skin; irritated or damaged skin; if in the past there have been reactions after a temporary tattoo with henna, or after tinting the lashes and / or eyebrows. A sensitivity test is recommended before application. Wear suitable gloves. Avoid direct skin and eyes contact. Do not allow the product to come in contact with the eyes. Do not leave residue on the skin or eyelashes / eyebrows. Avoid contact with the mucous membrane. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, and consult a doctor. Remove contact lenses before application. Close well after each use. Keen out of reach of children. Store at a cool temperature and avoid direct light. For external and professional use only. Do not use when pregnant and /or breastfeeding. To be diluted 1: 2 with Color Developer of the same line.



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