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My Lamination® is the winner of:

• Best Innovation of the Year (2017) Award Belarus.
• Brand of the Year (2017) Award Russia.

• Two times winner Product of the Year (2017 & 2018) Award Russia.

• Excellent in Beauty (2018) Award Moldova.
• Top International Lash Academy & Top Team (2018) Award Romania.
• Brand of the Year (2019) Award Spanish.
• Contribution to the development ( 2019) Award Spanish.
• The Best Academy of Lamination (2019) Award Italy.
• Top Lash Academy & Top Instagram (2019) Award Romania.  – Brand of the Year, Award USA (2020)
• Brand of the Year, Award Italy (2021)

• Contribution to the development, Award Italy (2021, 2022)

• The Best Brand Lamination, Award Italy (2022)

• Best Innovative Product, Award Spain (2022)

• 100 Italian Excellences, Award Italy (2022)

• The Best Lash & Brow Company, Award Poland (2023)

• The Best Beauty Academy, Award Ukraine (2023)

• Best Lamination Company, award Italy (2023)

• Excellent Lami Academy, award Italy (2023)

• Best Innovation Lami Product, award Italy (2023)

• Best Innovative Lamina Product, award Italy (2023)

My Lamination®: is the ONLY company whose students and trainers were awarded more than 300 times in International Championships.

Pay attention, My Lamination products can ONLY be purchased from our distributors, not from Aliexpress, Alibaba and similar websites.

My Lamination®, the only ITALIAN company specialized in production and selling of products MADE IN ITALY and training in the LamiMaker area. Training proposed by My Lamination® is incomparably innovative.