My Lamination® is the winner of:

– Best Innovation of the Year (2017) Award Belarus.
– Brand of the Year (2017) Award Russia.
– Two times winner Product of the Year (2017 & 2018) Award Russia.
– Excellent in Beauty (2018) Award Moldova.
– Top International Lash Academy & Top Team (2018) Award Romania.
– Brand of the Year (2019) Award Spanish.
– Contribution to the development ( 2019) Award Spanish.
– The Best Academy of Lamination (2019) Award Italy.
– Top Lash Academy & Top Instagram (2019) Award Romania.  – Brand of the Year, Award USA (2020)
– Brand of the Year, Award Italy (2021)

My Lamination®: is the ONLY company whose students and trainers were awarded more than 250 times in International Championships.

My Lamination®, the only ITALIAN company specialized in production and sale of products MADE IN ITALY and training in the LamiMaker sector. Training proposed by My Lamination® is incomparably innovative.