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My Lamination® is an Italian cosmetics company that stands out for its dedication to perfection and the quality of its products. Founded in 2017 by Corina Maleca, it has won numerous international and national awards, including the prestigious ‘100 Eccellenze Italiane’ certification.

We specialise in products for eyelash and eyebrow rolling treatments, and we have won the trust of our customers thanks to numerous studies, research and the use of safe ingredients, becoming a benchmark in the sector.

Our approach, which has always focused on excellence and attention to detail, guarantees products that meet the needs of customers who are looking for visible and long-lasting results.

Our mission is to enhance the beauty and body of people who are just as unique as our products.

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In 2024, My Lamination launched the "My Body Lamination" brand, introducing new beauty and body care products such as sunscreens, supplements and an exclusive women's swimwear line.

Corina Maleca

Lamimaker, esthetician, jurist.

  • Founder of My Lamination® & My Lamination Brow®. Distribution in 50 countries.
  • 12 times Winner International: Person of The Year, The Best LamiMaker, Trainer & Speaker Lash Lamination Award in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023.
  • International Lamination Judge (76 Championships), Lamination Speaker (40 Conference’s) and Lamination Trainer in 27 countries: Russia, Lithuania, Italy, Scotland, Portugal, UK, Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Israel, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Turkey, Spanish, Croatia, Chezh Republic, USA, Switzerland, Cile, Colombia.
  • International event Organizer: “Lamination European Championship” Italy 2016.

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